Stupid rules in america

In Texas, the entire Encyclopedia Brittanica is banned because it has formula to make beer in it.

In Los Angeles, CA - A man is legally allowed to beat his wife with a leather strap, but the strap must not be longer than 2 inches, or unless the wife gives him permission to use a wider one.

In Tennesee - Frogs aren't allowed to croak after 11:00 PM

In Memphis, TN - Women are not allowed to drive alone in a car unless a man stands by it waving a red flag to other pedestrians.

In Vermont - Women must get permission from their husbands to wear false teeth

In Massachusettes - It's illegal to wear a goatee without a license.

In South Bend, ID - It's illegal for monkeys to smoke cigarettes

In Ohio - No one can be arrested on Sunday or July 4th